4 Best Practices for Shipping Packages

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4 Best Practices for Shipping Packages

Whether for the upcoming holidays, or other reasons, a lot of people are going to be putting packages in the mail this season. If your business will find itself responsible for some of those packages, you want to know that they will arrive safely and in a timely manner. Ship Quick Now is here to help! Besides our fantastic services, we’ve put together a brief guide on the best choices you can make to ensure that your packages are protected when shipping.

1- Get an Early Start

A major problem faced by shipping supply chains is when normal supply is suddenly inflated by holiday shipping, often leading to delays. The best way to handle this is to step up shipping a little early where possible, leaving more room to handle the increased volume that inevitably comes with the holidays.

2- Work at Full Capacity

When the busy shipping season comes, plan on having your whole staff on board as much as possible. Trying to get by with the same team size and hours that worked for the slow shipping months is a recipe for disaster that leaves many shippers swamped.

3- Be Realistic

Don’t promise your customers anything you can’t deliver. Your shipping deadlines and estimates should be prominently posted. It’s far better to give yourself a little room than to promise something to customers and have problems arise that prevent delivery.

4- Plan Ahead

As important for any time of year as it is for the holidays, know what mistakes do happen, and have plans in place to handle them. You’ll have unforeseen staffing shortages or extra shipments you didn’t expect. Do a little research into potential problems so you can prepare.

Once you’re ready to ship, Ship Quick Now is ready to get you going. We offer both unparalleled ground expedited services including refrigerated carrier vehicles, dangerous goods transportation, hand carrying options, and more. Contact us anytime to get a quote!

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