Surprising Facts About Air Shipping

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When cargo needs to get somewhere fast, there’s only one option: air travel. Ship Quick Now is a leader in expedited air shipping when ground service just won’t cut it. From air cargo to air charter, no matter the size of your shipment, we can get it to its destination quickly and safely. Air shipping is an amazing industry that has seen its fair share of amazing achievements, from humble beginnings on paper wings to massive cargo jetliners capable of carrying tons of weight. Here are a few facts about air shipping that may surprise you!

The First Commercial Air Freight Flight

On November 7th, 1910, Philip O. Parmelee delivered a package of bright pink silk from Dayton to Columbus, Ohio to the Morehouse-Martens Department Store. The 65-mile journey took Parmelee 57 minutes, a world speed record at the time. Interestingly, the flight was put on as a publicity event, and the silk that was delivered was cut up into pieces, attached to postcards, and sold to customers as memorabilia. (Parmelee might have become a household name in aviation, as he accomplished many firsts in his short life. In 1912, however, Parmelee was killed while piloting an airplane at an exhibition in Washington when turbulence flipped his plane upside down.)

The World’s Largest Cargo Airliner

When you need to get heavy cargo across the world (like a space shuttle, for instance), you call on one ship: the Antonov An-225 Mirya. 275 feet in length with a 290-foot wingspan and a maximum takeoff weight of 640 tons, it could literally carry 787’s on its back. This stunning aircraft actually loads and unloads through the nose and actually “kneels” using retractable nosegear. Only one and a half of these aircraft were built due to the collapse of the U.S.S.R., but the company Antonov may be looking to finish the incomplete half should the need arise.

The World’s Busiest Air Cargo Airport

The world’s busiest airport for cargo in 2017 was Hong Kong International Airport. Over 4.4 million tons of goods passed through this airport on its way to and from China. The second busiest is the Memphis International Airport, which held the record for the busiest until just the last few years. Perhaps surprisingly, the fourth busiest airport for cargo is the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, which is a major hub for cargo going out to East Asia and coming into Canada and the US.

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