The Future of the Trucking Industry

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If truckers from the 1960s could see what kinds of technologies we have benefitted from in just the last five years, they would be amazed. GPS technology and mapping are accurate within a few meters and can take you across the country with a few button presses. Electrical battery power might become as affordable as diesel fuel and truckers may be able to charge their vehicles in seconds. Ship Quick Now is excited to see what the future holds; it will mean faster and more efficient shipping for all our clients. Here are just a few ways the trucking industry will evolve in the coming years.

Fully-Wireless Capabilities

What if your truck could not only tell the driver exactly when parts were going to break but then took steps to avoid it or fix the issue entirely? Within five years, some experts estimate, wireless software updates to a truck’s computer will allow it to self-diagnose and fix problems on the fly. An OTA (or over-the-air) download is being incorporated into the systems of some international brands of trucks now that allow the driver to diagnose and log issues without having to go to a mechanic (unless a part breaks that does require a mechanic, which the computer will warn about).

Fully Electric Trucks

Companies like Tesla Motors are paving the way for electric automotive technology, although progress has and probably will be slow. Tesla has many obstacles to overcome, including creating batteries that can carry a truck 600-800 miles and providing the available charging stations that trucks could use to keep going. This also doesn’t mention getting repair parts out to mechanics to fix up the trucks that will eventually show signs of wear and tear. Trucking is a tricky industry to innovate, but companies like Tesla are up for the challenge.

Self-Driving Trucks

Think self-driving cars are a scary thing to drive with on the road? How about a self-driving truck? That idea isn’t too far off, although a driver will be behind the wheel for all the tricky maneuvering such as backing into tight docks or navigating a busy shipyard. And safety will be the byword for self-driving trucks as they go into design and production, according to manufacturers like Daimler, Volvo, and Waymo.

Whatever the future holds, Quick Ship Now will be there to handle all your delivery needs on land or in the air! We handle all kinds of goods including dangerous goods, overweight loads, and refrigerated cargo. Contact us today at (866) 218-3882 and get your shipments out the door faster.

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