The History of Trucking in America

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The History of Trucking in America

Get onto a freeway onramp today, and you’re almost guaranteed to see a truck or sprinter van within a few seconds of being on the road. Truck shipping has become so essential to life in America, it’s hard to imagine life without it. From mom-and-pop stores to the largest shopping malls, trucks are relied upon not only for their carrying capacity but for their versatility and flexibility out on the roads. Companies like Ship Quick Now claim success because of the early trucking industry and all the technological advances made since then. So, where did trucking start?

Rough Start Over Rough Terrain

Before the advent of the automobile, trains were the primary vehicle with which to carry goods over long distances, followed by carriages drawn by horses. But even with the development of the internal combustion engine, the truck delivery service was slow to emerge. It took the tenacity of many individual delivery companies (purchasing trucks from Mack, Peterbilt, Chevrolet, and others) making their way across unfinished dirt roads on wheels made of solid rubber to show people that trucking was worthwhile. Demand increased in the 1920s as roads reached more places and “balloon tires” replaced the solid rubber ones. In 1935, in response to the friction generated between trucks and train shipping, Congress set up the first rules and regulations for trucks on the road.

The Trucking Boom

After World War II, the trucking scene exploded as factories moved from wartime production back to civilian manufacture. And that meant thousands of new trucks for new roads. Direct-injection diesel engines became the norm, along with advancements in transmissions and tires. Trucks were made to endure longer distances at higher speeds and with heavier loads. Both locally and nationally, truck shipping easily became the industry standard by 1950.

Today’s Fleets

Trucks and heavy vehicles continue to develop and improve, despite the rising costs of diesel fuel. At Ship Quick Now, for instance, we have a variety of vehicles ready for work at a moments notice, including vans, straight trucks, tractor trailers, and flatbed trucks. No matter what needs moving or how far, the professionals at Ship Quick Now can get your delivery there safe and sound on America’s roadways.

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